A Kinder Balance is an academic and tutoring service that offers academic interventions and tutoring for elementary grades (Pre)K-3rd grade in the subjects of ELA, writing and math.  We provide one‐on‐ one or small group tutoring sessions, with test reviews, study skills, and assistance with Common Core and EOG preparation.

A Kinder Balance conducts various assessments to provide appropriate remediation to determine students’ strengths and weaknesses. Each session is one hour long and the amount of sessions will vary based on  in We use proven and effective learning strategies that keep students engaged during each session while improving student achievement based on the Common Core Standards.


What makes A Kinder Balance stand out is that we engage our students in active learning. Instructional games, puzzles or activities are designed into each session that give students time to move and play while still learning. Each session ends with a  review and an assessment "either formal or informal" to keep track of each student’s progress.

To see an example of teaching techniques used, click here.

Preschool Teacher and Students

Assessment / Family Meeting

General Consultation

$25.00 (1 hour)

In the Classroom

One on One Tutoring

Individual Session

$40.00 (1 hour)

Tutoring Anywhere

Virtual Session

$45.00 (1 hour)

A Kinder Balance