Making a Move

“From Classroom to Community”

It’s quiet, created and formed just how you like it.  It looks, smells (Sometimes) and even sounds just how you have worked so hard for it to become.  As I walk around I see how things are placed, positioned and put in the places that I have desired them to be, and it is known to us as our classroom.  Our safe haven, our peace of mind, our escape goat, our moment of solitude and most of all OURS! Well in the time that we are in as educators the one thing that I thought of was having that space that I knew I was totally in control of the outcome and what I put into it.  It was about to be interrupted with the unknown and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Do I run and throw the peace sign up and depart….real talk because things were not going to look how I thought they should or how I have always planned them to be in my eight years of teaching? Do I take my frustrations out and spew them on all social media sites and platforms? Well I kinda wanted to do just that and not care about what the outcome was. But I paused, thought, and reevaluated not where we are at this moment but where we will need to be upon our return. As educators that is what we are taught and trained to do for our students, think about where you want them to be and form your actions to help get them get to that destination. But is it always comfortable for us to do this..or even capable at times?

With this thought reignited in my mind, I began to shift my frustrations and my thought process to where I knew we needed to be and be headed as a profession, from classroom to community.  But why do I have to move from my intimate place of safety and security to a place that is unknown and one that is not depicted by my thoughts and actions alone?  A community is a place that is made up of many different individuals with different perspectives, thoughts, views and understandings, but hold the same objective at hand forming a place of unity.  Sounds like my school building to me, a building full of different and amazing minds that think, plan, see and move differently but at the end all have one objective in mind….student success.  If we can move outside of our space of comfort and security of our “classroom” we can then move to begin to form our “community” with one another.  With a community things can change, shift and move faster as there is impact in numbers.   Am I saying eliminate creating your space..NO! I say take the positiveness, the bright ideas, and the momentum that we so often keep within our walls and to our space and take to your community whatever place that is to you, your school body or a group of positive individuals. As we Are moving from a classroom to community mindset we can then display the positive outcome to our students of what it means to embrace one another beyond our differences. What a perfect time to display this as our world and society is in a desperate need in the display and view of oneness, unity, and love.  What makes you different, what skills and qualities can you bring to your community of teachers or group that will allow for your school body of educators to flow easily and efficiently?  Remember our goal is to be a part of creating success as an option and opportunity for all, so let’s try to move those moments of success from our classroom to moments of success for our school community.   If we can do this we can overcome the feeling of being incapable, underappeciated, devalued, underpaid, and overlooked not alone but together. Why is it important you ask to not be alone in that classroom at all times, because with support and community comes triumph over what was meant to conquer one alone. And at this time and moment we could use some triumph.

I know it may not be the same upon our return, it may not feel the same and not even look the same. However, let’s help with creating that environment of safety and security existing outside our classrooms so that it is felt amongst us all and those that encounter who we are…. THE EDUCATOR! 


The Positive Educator 

Cherie Feemster 

A Kinder Balance