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"A Walk Down Phonics Lane : Walking with Nature” is perfect for parents that are introducing letters of the alphabet and need a fun and interactive way to do just that.   Determined to reach children with literacy in every aspect she wrote this book to provide ways for children to know that you can learn anywhere including nature! Click the link below to purchase your copy and meet Kamille who will take you on a letter journey!


Kamille is back fo another phonics journey in the Phonics Zoo!

A Walk Down Phonics Lane, A walk in the Zoo is the continuation of A Walk Down Phonics Lane Walking in Nature. In this adventure Kamille a vibrant 5-year-old has taken her love for letters and the alphabet to one of the most amazing places, the zoo! On this adventure Kamille is joined by her friend Justin an energetic 8-year-old boy who is also inquisitive about learning, and excited to join Kamille!


This book provides bright vibrant colors and illustrations engaging the readers starting on the first page.  Readers will gain the understanding of letter recognition, letter knowledge and begin to identify initial sounds in words.  This will be done all while learning about so many different types of animals in the Phonics Zoo! 

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